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I only joined the group on friday and started to read through the MAP process last night. I worked through the stuff, but not too seriously and put some thoughts/affirmations/cord cutting in place. I meant a guy a few weeks ago and seen him a few times, but not arranged to meet again. So last night I manifest a message to arrange another meet, and low and behold a woke up morning to a message from him asking about meeting up again!!! And this is just the start of my manifesting journey... x
Ruth S.
I would just like to say a huge thank you to Amanda for helping me find what I was missing in my manifesting. I was always "nearly" there but just couldn't quite get it. Then watching one of Amanda's live videos in Abundance Club three weeks ago provided me with the missing piece of the jigsaw and I knew what I needed to do. In just three months of being a member of the club I have gone from working part time for little more than minimum wage in a stressful job to being on the verge of securing a £50,000 a year job with a free car, laptop and phone! (Just need to finalise a few things before it's all made official) This is beyond my wildest dreams yet it's 100% real and I still can't believe it. Thank you so much Amanda Tooke

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